Liquidnet delivers curated and personalized intelligence for Portfolio Managers

A case study published in partnership between Liquidnet and OpenFin


Liquidnet’s goal was to combine the latest AI technologies with a wide array of data and content to help firms improve their investment-making decision processes and work more efficiently. It wanted to go beyond a simple repository of information, with the application syncing with individual portfolios to push out curated, personalized intelligence. Liquidnet began its work with OpenFin to address three major challenges to realizing this vision.

Liquidnet Launches Its New Investment Analytics Business and Product Suite

Catering to risk management, portfolio monitoring and alpha generation needs of Portfolio Managers, IA PM delivers curated, personalized and prioritized investment intelligence directly to investment teams. The analytics solution brings together market data, alternative data, research, corporate communications and other sources into one system for equity portfolio managers, analysts, data scientists and quants. IA PM is accessible via web browser and a desktop application, built on OpenFin.