Run HTML5 desktop applications
with native performance and experience

The world's largest banks and trading platforms use OpenFin
to run high-performance, multi-window HTML5 applications
on secure financial desktops.


Extend HTML5 to run as a first-class desktop application with native, multi-window experience.


Integrate HTML5 applications with
existing Java, .NET, WPF, Silverlight,
Flex and Adobe Air applications.


Seamlessly deploy and upgrade OpenFin Runtime in compliance with financial institution security policies.

Fast. Beautiful. Contextual.

Our mission is to enable and accelerate development of the next generation of financial industry desktop applications. Faster performance. Beautiful interfaces. Contextually relevant information. An interactive and integrated desktop experience. OpenFin is the state of the art in financial desktop technology. It’s powered by Chromium, the fastest HTML5 engine in the world, and purpose-built to meet the needs of traders, the ultimate power users.

Thin. Multi-Device.

With HTML5 you can build once and run everywhere – desktop and mobile. It is the only language supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Adobe and other major technology vendors. Today’s desktop browsers, however, don’t allow the native, multi- window experience required by trading applications. OpenFin bridges the gap and enables a phased migration from existing technologies to HTML5.

Controlled. Compliant.

An HTML5 application is only as good as the engine it runs in. A majority of financial industry users currently run web browsers that are not fully HTML5 compliant. For developers, coding and testing for multiple browsers and versions also adds significant time and cost to the software development life cycle. With OpenFin, developers control the runtime version for each application and the runtime is always fully HTML5 compliant.

Any Framework

Build with any HTML5 framework, Flash or Silverlight.


A security model designed to meet the strict requirements of the financial industry.


Apps are securely isolated from each other and from system resources.


No external dependencies, 100% self contained runtime.

Secure Communication

App to App communication over a secure client side bus.


Group policy based management.

“Every desktop function I’ve thought to use in our system was included in the OpenFin platform.  It’s great software.”

Stefan Kutko
Stefan KutkoVP Engineering, Electronifie

“The support we’ve gotten from OpenFin has been outstanding.  The response time is excellent and they’ve been able to answer every question we’ve had.”

Jordan Vinarub
Jordan VinarubHead of Development, REDI Technologies

“OpenFin has helped us push the boundaries of our web based trading technology, enabling us to deliver an enhanced user experience to our customers, that’s innovative and flexible.  The OpenFin partnership has been key to achieving our goal.”

Dean Berry
Dean BerryCEO Global e-Commerce, ICAP