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Unified Workspace for Enterprise Productivity

The largest enterprises use OpenFin's software to help their teams work smarter, faster, and more effectively

OpenFin Workspace - Unified Workspace for Productivity


Today, 90% of the Global Financial Institutions are innovating with OpenFin.

End-User Products

A Unified Workspace Built for Productivity

Delight users and accelerate time-to-value with a workspace that does it all. Launch apps, automate tasks, configure complex layouts, search, context share, send and receive notifications and discover new apps.

OpenFin Workspace - Browser and Notification Center Productivity

Developer Platform

Powerful and easy-to-use APIs give you more control

Our Chromium container provides all the tools you need to build Native Web Apps and deploy securely to locked-down desktops. Use our APIs to enable complex layouts, cross-app messaging, desktop notifications, secure OS access, and more.

Vendor Distribution

Where your clients are, working the way they want

Clients' expectations about how work gets done have changed. They don’t want siloed apps: they want a connected experience. Whether it’s more powerful layouts, unified notifications, or data flowing from one app to another - our tools empower you to give customers what they want.

Join the OpenFin ecosystem and deliver elevated workspace experiences to your customers today.

Why OpenFin?

We put in the hard work so you don’t have to


We sweat the details to make sure your employees have smiles on their faces, and that the highest standards in accessibility are met.


With more than 60bn app minutes logged, we deliver the dependability you need to sleep well at night. That’s just one of the reasons Wall Street’s leaders count on us.


Security isn’t negotiable for our clients — or us. That’s why we built it into our DNA, and integrated it into everything we do.

No matter what you need

Every firm’s digital journey is different; no matter what path you take, we’ve got you covered

Business Owner

Deliver a big digital transformation win for your firm and team -- fast.

Workspace Owner

Take the tedium out of delivering your workspace vision. Hyper-accelerate your journey.

App Owner

You’ve got the content. Now let’s elevate it in your customers' workflows.