January 21, 2015

2 Node modules, a Grunt plugin and a Gulp recipe for your OpenFin toolset

We have just released 4 new tools to support modern web development with OpenFin:

  1. Node Config Builder
  2. Node Launcher
  3. Grunt Plugin
  4. Gulp Recipe

Modern web development is often associated with the HTML5 feature set or specific JavaScript frameworks but is also about having a development environment that provides a tight feedback loop that catches potential issues as early as possible. By launching your target runtime, analyzing code quality, executing tests and reloading on file changes, errors surface as they happen and can be immediately addressed.

This is complemented by a build server that automatically responds to repository updates by validating code changes with unit and end to end tests before building one of the preconfigured development, staging or production targets.

OpenFin is committed to this modern development environment and has expressed the importance of leveraging Node.js in web development. These tools make it easier to develop and integrate HTML5 applications into the OpenFin Runtime .

Node.js Modules

The core components of the development tools are two Node.js modules. The openfin-config-builder module and the openfin-launcher module. If neither Grunt or Gulp is present and there is a need to integrate with an external development tool or task runner, we recommend creating a custom Node.js script using our modules directly as seen in our Node.js recipe.

OpenFin Node.js Recipe

Grunt Plugin

If you haven’t heard of Grunt before, be sure to check out the Getting Started guide. With our Grunt plugin you are able to configure and install specific versions of the OpenFin Runtime and change application configuration details based on specific build targets.

OpenFin Grunt Plugin

Gulp Recipe

Gulp is a super fast task runner that is gaining a lot of ground. We have created a Gulp recipe that demonstrates basic OpenFin development integration. You will be able to configure and install specific versions of the runtime and change application configuration details.

OpenFin Gulp Recipe

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