June 13, 2022

Automating Trading Workflows with BGC, S&P Global, and TRUMID

To enable a seamless user experience on the financial desktop, all apps need to speak the same language. And with interoperability being a key discussion point at FinJS New York, thought leaders from BGC Partners, S&P Global and Trumid joined for a robust discussion on the topic.

The conversation centered around the importance of partnering with fellow industry participants for broader-based aggregation of data and streamlined workflows, enabled by industry standards such as FDC3,  to improve efficiency and productivity.

Vendors across the capital markets space are increasingly realizing that delivering best-of-breed solutions means ensuring their technology is built to communicate with other apps, creating a case study in collaboration. End-user workflows are only as smooth as the transfer of information across the desktop, so industry-wide cooperation is a crucial requirement for delivering a system that provides users with the best access.

“Basically, you want to be able to work very seamlessly. Whether it is FDC3, another standard or a deeper integration, it’s a matter of making sure you get maximum utility out of the integrations and that you don't have superfluous workflows or inefficiencies happening outside,” said Brett Schechterman, Global Head of thinkFolio and Software Solutions Front Office Strategy Lead at S&P Global Market Intelligence. “Our product team is constantly thinking about: ‘How do we maximize what we are calling back to that desktop and to that experience?’”

Other topics of discussion included:

  • The workflow challenges experienced by cross-functional users
  • The benefits of interoperability on a co-mingled financial desktop
  • “Widgetization” and what it means for the overall user experience
  • Recommendations around user workflows

Watch the full panel on-demand below:

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