May 1, 2017

Convert a Browser App to a Full-Featured Desktop App w/ OpenFin

So much of web design revolves around crafting a serviceable user experience that can live inside a browser. At our most recent webinar, we highlighted how quickly developers can port an existing web application to the OpenFin runtime.

Out of the Browser

Browser based workflows are second nature to the user. There are certain sites we have trained ourselves to always open in a new tab or window, all in an effort to manage screen real estate and keep necessary information at our disposal.

This approach does not scale, however. While we’re all capable of mentally parsing a few open windows, context switching and even start up time become a burden to the user.

The webinar starts with a simple two page web application: a home page the user wants to persist on their screen, and a 2nd data page that contains a collection of tables. Using the javascript console & the OpenFin API, we’re able to launch & expand the features of our website to native desktop windows & notification – all launchable via a shortcut on the user’s home screen.

Try It Yourself

For a detailed walkthrough and code sample, check out our public repository on github:

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