May 25, 2016

OpenFin 6 Alpha on Electron

We’re excited to announce the Alpha release of OpenFin 6 (Chromium 49), which is built on Electron and adds the following capabilities:

  • Security sandbox
  • WPF and WinForms embedding
  • True child windows
  • Unified path for network traffic
  • Asynchronous inter-process messaging
  • Enhanced WebRTC configuration

Our new Electron-based architecture has also enabled the following:

  • Cross-platform support for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Startup time is 2x as fast as version 5
  • Node-based inter-process communication
  • Rapid upgrade to new Chromium versions
  • Significantly reduced time to implement new API features

OpenFin 6 Alpha

To utilize OpenFin 6 Alpha, please update your app.json to point the version to “alpha” as so:


You can find the detailed release notes here.

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