November 21, 2023

OpenFin Workspace: Any Device, Any OS.

OpenFin Workspace will soon be available on all devices, giving you the power of Workspace while you're on the move. Developers can write code once and deploy it across mobile, tablet, and desktop.

OpenFin Workspace for Tablet Light and Dark Mode

By Alan Li, Product Marketing Manager

Today, you can access OpenFin Workspace on Tablets, extending your Workspace experience to iPads and Android tablets.

Keep Work Moving Forward

OpenFin Workspace for Tablet optimizes the employee experience and expands beyond a desktop-only focus. Workspace for Tablet enables users to access their applications on both desktops and tablets, creating a unified experience across devices.

Some of the immediate benefits:

  • Access your apps on the go
  • Save and restore workflows between Desktop and Tablet
  • Interoperate & share data between apps, just like on the desktop

Web-First Approach

We’ve chosen a web-first approach, providing OpenFin Workspace for Tablet as a Progressive Web App (PWA). This not only furthers our mission to enable our customers to create productive experiences anywhere but also does so in a way that allows them to develop their applications using technologies they are familiar with and continue to experience the ease of external deployment they have come to expect from OpenFin.

OpenFin Workspace for Tablet addresses the obvious challenges of Tablet development by providing a solution that handles cross-platform development, reduces app maintenance costs, and eliminates the need for teams to build features from scratch.

Manage Your Work on the Go

OpenFin Workspace Anywhere - Tablet

With OpenFin's responsive workspace experience, you can easily access the apps you need while on the go. OpenFin customers just need to offer pre-configured collection of the apps they need, giving their users instant access to a powerful Workspace experience on both desktops and tablets. This helps enterprises improve the employee experience and creates a cohesive omnichannel presence.

Upcoming Features Being Developed

This is only the beginning. In the coming weeks we will be releasing additional features to further enhance your on-the-go experience:

  • Seamless integration between desktop and tablet
  • Users can create and edit custom layouts
  • Embed Notification Center within tablet apps
  • Add OpenFin Home's universal search to tablet

Connect with our team to get started with a demo.

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