February 22, 2024

Solving the Customer Service Conundrum: A Technological Leap for Contact Centers

A Technological Leap for Contact Centers

In an era where customer support is non-negotiable and performance is tracked throughout the support lifecycle, the stakes have never been higher for customer facing firms. With research indicating that nearly all organizations (99%) recognize the direct impact of employee-customer interactions on brand perception (CallMiner), the spotlight is firmly on enhancing customer support, notably within contact centers, the heart of customer interaction.

The Challenge: Inefficiencies in Customer Support

Contact centers face a multitude of challenges in delivering efficient customer support. Suboptimal customer experiences are caused by agents juggling dozens of apps to resolve a single issue, excessive downtime during calls, and the substantial time spent searching for information. With statistics revealing that 60% of customers will hang up after 60 seconds on hold (Plum Voice), the need for a seamless, efficient customer support system is unmistakable.

The Challenge: In Numbers

  • 6 Minutes: Average contact centre handling time (Call Center Helper)
  • 50%: Up to half a call is silent time (OpenFin)
  • 60 Seconds: 60% of customers will hang up after 1 minute on hold (Plum Voice)
  • 45%: Industry turnover averages between 30% and 45% (Replicant)
  • 77%: Call centre employees who are stressed out. (Cornell University)
  • 99%: Of organisations acknowledge the direct impact of employee-customer interactions on brand perception (CallMiner)

The Solution: OpenFin’s Technological Framework

OpenFin recognizes these challenges and is at the forefront of revolutionizing the workspace through a flexible, productivity-focused technological framework. Our mission is to simplify and modernize organizational workflows, propelling firms towards customer service that meets the needs of customers.

Better App Utilization: Our solutions offer dynamic visual layout management and saved workspaces, streamlining the app navigation process.

Improved Search: A unified, centralized search feature across apps, data, and knowledge centres significantly cuts down the time spent on information retrieval.

Seamless Workflows: OpenFin's toolkit fosters interconnectedness among apps and data throughout an agent's user journey, promoting efficiency and reducing call handling time.

Action Alerting: Our system helps enterprises equip their agents with real-time centralized alerts, relevant customer content, and data, ensuring that they are always a step ahead in customer service responsiveness.

Employee Satisfaction: With over a decade in pioneering advanced workspace technology, OpenFin continues to be the benchmark for intelligent workspaces that improve employee productivity and outcomes.

The Outcome: Transforming Customer Support

Implementing OpenFin's solutions has led contact centers to tangible, impactful changes in the customer support domain:

  • Reduced Call Times & Silent Time: Streamlined processes and efficient app management contribute to shorter and more productive calls.
  • Lower Drop Rates & Higher Customer Satisfaction: A responsive and efficient service model ensures that customer queries are addressed promptly, enhancing overall satisfaction.
  • Happier Employees and Lower Turnover: A user-friendly, stress-free work environment reduces employee turnover, fostering a more experienced, satisfied, and efficient workforce.

OpenFin stands as a future-proof and cost-effective solution that markedly reduces time-to-value, enabling business owners to make significant enhancements in both employee performance and customer satisfaction. In embracing OpenFin's solutions, organizations are redefining the paradigm of customer support, paving the way for a future where customer satisfaction and operational excellence are inextricably linked.

To learn more, download the white paper: Better Customer Experiences with a Seamless Single Pane of Glass.

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