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June 5, 2024

We’re changing our name to Here™

In 2010, OpenFin was founded as a FinTech company dedicated to building the operating system of finance and powering the ecosystem of capital markets apps running at the world’s largest financial institutions. In the years since our founding, we’ve learned a tremendous amount from our customers, and our technology has evolved to meet their needs for productivity, interoperability and security.

What we realized along the way is that our product is more “Tech” than “Fin” and, as a matter of fact, there isn’t a single line of finance-specific code anywhere in our software. That’s why a few years ago we updated our tagline from “the operating system of finance” to “the operating system for enterprise productivity”.

Our evolution from “Fin” to “Enterprise” was reinforced about two years ago when we started working in the government sector via our partnership with In-Q-Tel (IQT), the not-for-profit, strategic investor that supports the missions of the U.S. Intelligence Community. More recently, we’ve seen significant interest in our technology in the contact center space, where productivity is essential to optimizing both employee experience and customer experience.

It’s now time to fully embrace the evolution of our company which was born from finance, but is no longer just for finance. We are announcing today that we are changing our company name and will now be known as “Here”. We are also introducing a new product, HereTM Enterprise Browser, which is built on the same robust technology foundation powering all of our existing customers’ platforms.

Our new name is simple, modern, versatile and inclusive, sitting comfortably next to the great brands we admire including Chrome, Edge and Slack. It embodies our vision and our mission to make digital work frictionless by putting everything you need at your fingertips – right here. It also inspires us to do our best and be our best at work by being present.

While “OpenFin” is no longer the name of our company, it remains the name and brand of our Container and Workspace SDK products which are the heart and foundation of everything we do. Our flagship FinJS conferences will also continue to be “powered by OpenFin”. We remain as committed as ever to our existing customers and to the mission of powering the financial industry’s app ecosystem. There is no “Here” without finance!

We invite you to visit our new company website at, which is currently dedicated to our new product, Here Enterprise Browser. In the coming months, we will be consolidating the content currently at under If you’re an OpenFin customer, you’ll notice subtle changes for brand alignment, but you’ll receive the same great level of support and continuous feature delivery that has always been our commitment to you.

We’re incredibly excited about this significant milestone for our company and what it represents in our evolution. Our birthplace in finance has the highest standards when it comes to security, compliance, performance and productivity. If you can make it here, you can truly make it anywhere. That’s the next step in our journey as we build the world’s enterprise browser for productivity.

Thank you to our customers, partners, investors and colleagues for your collaboration in this journey. We are eternally grateful.

Sincerely yours,

Team OpenFin is now Here

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