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June 26, 2023

Exploring Our v32 Container Updates

We recently introduced v32 of OpenFin Container. Being co-stable with Chrome means that OpenFin now delivers the enterprise security and architecture needed by our customers.

By Chuck Doerr, CIO and Co-Founder

At OpenFin, we're committed to helping teams work smarter, faster, and more effectively. To fulfill our mission of making digital work frictionless and delightfully productive wherever you are, we regularly update our signature products to best fit the needs of our clients and their end users. That includes our Container, which makes it easy for developers to build enterprise-grade native web apps from the ground up.

We recently released v32 of our Container, representing another milestone in delivering the enterprise-grade security and architecture our customers require. Let’s unpack a few of the key updates:

Enhanced Developer Experiences

  • Download API: We’ve made it easier for developers to create advanced functionalities and workflows around file downloads within their applications and platforms. Features like customizable download locations, clear file visibility, direct access to downloaded files, and proactive notifications create a seamless and efficient developer experience.
  • Improved Stack Traces: Stack traces from runtime errors now relegate internal details to the “cause” property, making the main stack trace reflect where the error occurred in your code. This greatly improves traceability and speeds resolution.

Stability with Chromium

Making frequent updates to remain co-stable with Chromium is a critical security need for organizations spanning all industries, and OpenFin is proud to continuously provide this valuable security benefit for our clients. OpenFin Container v32 contains features, enhancements, and fixes that came with Chromium 113 and 114 and is fully co-stable with 114. On average, each major version of our Container includes fixes for 140 specific security bugs addressed by the Chromium team. Now that Chromium’s 14-week disclosure waiting period has passed, we can share that our prior release, v31, included 135 priority 0,1, and 2 security bug fixes, and you can expect to see a similar number in v32.

The benefits of staying current with Chromium go beyond incorporating these critical security updates — OpenFin also gets access to all of the web platform’s latest features. Here are a few key enhancements that we received “for free” by staying up to date with Chromium:

  • DevTools Response Headers Override: Users can now easily experiment with HTTP response headers without needing access to the web server. This means you can locally test and fix headers, improving the performance and security of web applications.
  • First-Party Sets: We now have a collection of domains that can share cookies for specific purposes. This enables organizations to declare connections between their websites, so browsers can allow limited access to third-party cookies.
  • WebGPU: Machine learning in the browser is officially here. With WebGPU, users can now unlock the full potential of modern hardware for web projects and perform complex computations on the GPU. This feature also offers a user-friendly JavaScript interface, easy integration with existing web technologies and even support for importing videos.

Have questions on any of the new capabilities introduced in Container v32? For more details, head over to our versions page for the release notes, or reach out to to set up a demo.

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