September 19, 2023

Exploring Our v33 Container Updates

We recently introduced v33 of OpenFin Container. Being co-stable with Chrome means that OpenFin now delivers the enterprise security and architecture needed by our customers.

OpenFin What's New in Container v33

By Chuck Doerr, CIO and Co-Founder

At OpenFin, we're committed to helping teams work smarter, faster, and more effectively. To fulfill our mission of enabling frictionless, productive workflows on the desktop, we recently introduced v33 of Container. This version includes new OpenFin features and all the latest critical security patches, bug fixes, and features from Chromium. Let's unpack a few of the key updates:

App Health Insights via Logs

In the past, a lack of logged process information made it challenging for our support engineers to assess the performance and stability of our clients’ apps when they encountered issues. Our team relied on manual tracking of memory and CPU usage.

Now, we’ve built a default logging feature that captures process information in client applications at different stages of their operation. This feature provides valuable insights to our support engineers, enabling them to easily diagnose and troubleshoot performance issues and crashes. This enhanced visibility minimizes the need for manual tracking and streamlines the support process.

Image Support for Clipboard API

Previously, our end users were unable to programmatically copy and paste images using our Context menu or Clipboard API. To solve for this, we’ve added convenient options to the Context menu and extended the Clipboard API with methods for image copying and pasting. Now, our end users can copy and paste images with a simple right-click.

Continued Co-Stability with Chromium (+ New Benefits!)

Making frequent updates to remain co-stable with Chromium is a critical need for organizations spanning all industries, and OpenFin is proud to continuously provide this valuable security benefit for our clients. Container v33 includes features, enhancements, and fixes that landed in Chromium 115 and 116 and has been released co-stable with 116. On average, each major version of Container includes fixes for 140 specific security bugs addressed by the Chromium team. Now that Chromium’s 14-week disclosure waiting period has passed, we can share that our previous release, v32, included 91 priority 0,1, and 2 security bug fixes — and you can expect to see a similar number in v33.

The benefits of staying current with Chromium go beyond incorporating these critical security updates — OpenFin also gets access to all of the web platform’s latest features. Here are a few key enhancements that we’ve received 'for free' this time around by staying up to date with Chromium.

  • Text-Wrap: Balance: With this typography technique, users can achieve balanced and visually appealing text wrapping with a single line of code. Text-wrap: balance helps to capture readers’ attention and improves readability for up to four lines of text.
  • CHIPS (Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State): With CHIPS, developers can move cookies into partitioned storage, meaning each website’s embedded content only has access to its own “cookie jar.” This is an important security update that prevents cross-site tracking and ultimately increases user privacy.
  • Popover API: The Chrome popover attribute enables users to create highly intuitive UI elements that appear on top of web apps. Any element can be automatically displayed atop other content, eliminating a whole host of trivial Z-order challenges that can arise when attempting to manually build a popover.

Have questions on any of the new capabilities introduced in Container v33? For more details, head over to our versions page for the release notes, or reach out to to set up a demo.

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