October 31, 2023

Exploring Our v34 Container Updates

We recently introduced v34 of OpenFin Container. Being co-stable with Chrome means that OpenFin now delivers the enterprise security and architecture needed by our customers.

What's New in OpenFin's Container v34

By Chuck Doerr, CIO and Co-Founder

At OpenFin, we're committed to helping teams work smarter, faster, and more effectively. To fulfill our mission of enabling frictionless, productive workflows on the desktop, we recently introduced v34 of Container. This version includes new OpenFin features and all the latest critical security patches, bug fixes, and features from Chromium. Let's unpack a few of the key updates:

Remote Log Access for Platform Owners

Platform owners can now access OpenFin logs without needing to directly access users' desktops.

Previously, to fully support and diagnose an OpenFin solution, you’d have to get your end-users to grant you access to their desktops and then gather logs from different places.

Chromium-Based Download Manager

We've made a major UX upgrade to OpenFin Browser. Now, users can not only download files but also track the progress of their downloads right in the Browser UI. This is behavior that users expect and now comes right out of the box.

Protocol Handlers

OpenFin's RVM now offers greater flexibility and control. Apps can now register and use custom protocol handlers, which can be critical for supporting the modernization of legacy systems or implementing new features. Additionally, the fin/fins protocol has been enhanced to make it more secure and reliable. This allows developers to create more powerful OpenFin applications and users can be confident that they are using secure apps.

New Benefits in Chromium

OpenFin Container 34 contains features, enhancements and fixes that landed in Chromium 117 and 118 — and is released co-stable with 118.

Staying current with Chromium goes beyond consuming these critical security updates. We also get all the new features and enhancements of the web platform. Here, I’ll highlight 3 of them:

  • Array GroupBy: Grouping data in arrays is a very common task. This feature simplifies the work for developers, making it easier to calculate things like the average age of a specific group of people or daily performance metrics for web pages.
  • @Scope: This enables authors to apply styles precisely based on their desired scope, greatly simplifying the task of controlling the look and feel of elements. Allowing them to create tailored and visually appealing designs which can enhance the overall user experience.
  • BlockTruncatedCookies: This update enhances security by preventing control characters in cookies from causing potential issues or enabling malicious actions. Before this change, certain characters could lead to security vulnerabilities or corrupt cookie data, causing unpredictable behavior for applications.

Have questions on any of the new capabilities introduced in Container v34? For more details, head over to our versions page for the release notes, or reach out to to set up a demo.

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