October 31, 2023

What's New in OpenFin Workspace: October 2023

What's New in OpenFin Workspace October 2023

By Alan Li, Product Marketing Manager

Welcome back to What’s New in Workspace for October 2023!

We are excited to share our latest updates for OpenFin Workspace to further speed up your workflow. We believe in making digital work frictionless and delightful, wherever you are. Today marks another step towards this mission.

We’ve been hard at work to deliver on the latest feature requests:

  • Notification Chimes
  • Download Management Made Easy
  • Mix and Match Browser and Platform Windows

Notification Chimes

OpenFin Workspace Notification Chimes

Never miss a notification! End users can now hear a sound when receiving a notification and navigate their notifications using keyboard shortcuts. This feature is not only beneficial for all users but especially helpful for those with accessibility needs. And of course, end-users also have the option to mute the sound.

Download Management Made Easy

We made a major UX upgrade to the OpenFin Browser when it comes to managing downloads. Now, when users download files they can view their download progress, launch their downloaded files, cancel in-progress downloads, retry failed downloads and easily find their downloads directly from the newly added download manager in Browser.

Mix and Match Browser and Platform Windows

We've enhanced the Workspace SDK to allow a single Workspace Platform to host both Browser Windows (OpenFin Browser Window) and Platform Windows (customer-designed windows) at the same time. This makes it easier to transition from OpenFin Container to Workspace. You can choose where to introduce new browser windows to your users without a ‘big bang’ transition and have the flexibility to combine a custom window alongside your regular browser window. This flexibility means you can offer the best workflow experience for your users.

Want to See Workspace in Action?

As always, we’re here to help—if you want to learn more or simply have questions, set up a demo with an OpenFin expert.

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