September 19, 2023

What's New in OpenFin Workspace: September 2023

OpenFin What's New in Workspace September 2023

By Alan Li, Product Marketing Manager

Welcome back to What’s New in Workspace for September 2023!

At OpenFin, we are committed to empowering enterprises with intuitive experiences that reduce context switching and boost enterprise productivity. That’s why we’re excited to launch new products and features that make it easier for companies to optimize end-user workflows and unify the application experience across the desktop.

The Easy Way to Integrate Microsoft 365 into OpenFin Workspace

OpenFin Workspace Home and Teams Low Code Integration

Microsoft 365 is a suite of productivity and communications tools that includes Microsoft Office applications (including Teams and Outlook) as well as other popular Microsoft tools like PowerPoint and Excel. Microsoft 365 systems are at the core of many organization's data management and day-to-day workflows making sure these tools are seamlessly connected is key to delivering more efficient and productive experiences for your employees and customers.

OpenFin's low-code integration allows platform developers to easily integrate Microsoft 365 into OpenFin Workspace within minutes. Instead of your developers spending time under the hood of each API and learning how they relate to key functions, they can simply point an OpenFin low-code integration at a Microsoft 365 instance and watch the workflows come to life in minutes, so end-users can leverage the benefits right away.

Browser's Latest Printing Enhancements

We’ve made it easier to print windows in OpenFin Browser by introducing two new features:

  • Print a screenshot of the OpenFin Browser Page (what you see is what you get)
  • Print the entire contents of all your visible views from a page into a single consolidated document

OpenFin Home Filters Get a Power Boost

Find the information you need, faster with OpenFin Home's improved flexible filters. Filter sets can now be updated dynamically as search results arrive in long-running searches, so users always have an accurate set of filters to let them hone in on the information they need.

Want to See Workspace in Action?

As always, we’re here to help—if you want to learn more or simply have questions, set up a demo with an OpenFin expert.

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