Leap Work

Seamlessly connect with clients on their preferred messengers, control data, and enhance collaboration.

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Dynamic B2C Communication App

Leap Work Mobile is a dynamic B2C communication app that is reshaping the way employees engage with clients. This versatile tool empowers your team by enabling effortless communication, encompassing calls, text, voice, and file messages, all through your clients' preferred messenger apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Line, and more.



Reach clients on their preferred messengers: Leap Work enables you to connect with your clients on the messaging platforms they are most comfortable with, ensuring seamless communication.

Accountability and Compliance

Leap Work ensures transparency and accountability by providing access to a comprehensive communication history. This feature is particularly valuable for monitoring and compliance purposes.

Centralized Communication

Leap Work simplifies the management of employee and client interactions by bringing them all onto a single, unified platform. This streamlines communication processes and makes it easy to oversee and manage.