December 20, 2023

Explore 2023's Top OpenFin Workspace Innovations

And that’s a wrap on 2023! A big year for OpenFin Workspace … We delivered more than 30 updates, features, and products this year and had 9.5x YoY user growth on the platform.

OpenFin Workspace - 2023 Year in Review

By Alan Li, Product Marketing Manager

And that’s a wrap on 2023! A big year for OpenFin Workspace …

We delivered more than 30 updates, features, and products this year and had 9.5x YoY user growth on the platform. We’re motivated by our mission to make digital work frictionless and delightfully productive, wherever you are.

Here’s a look at our top 5 innovations of 2023.

  • OpenFin Workspace for Tablet
  • OpenFin Analytics
  • Microsoft 365 Low Code integration
  • ServiceNow Integration
  • Major Notification Enhancements

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Team with OpenFin Workspace for Tablet

OpenFin Workspace Anywhere - Tablet

Great work happens anywhere. That’s why this year we’ve introduced OpenFin Workspace for Tablet. This extends your Workspace experience to iPads and Android tablets so you can work on the go! Users can access their apps on both desktops and tablets, creating a unified experience across devices. Developers can write code once and deploy it across mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Improve Workflows with OpenFin Analytics

OpenFin Workspace Analytics

Digital workplace experiences are enhanced when they are data-driven. With OpenFin Workspace Analytics, platform owners have instant access to raw events in the platform in real-time. For example, you might learn that a specific saved Workspace boosts your average handle time in the contact center. With this data, you can save and apply this Workspace across your entire organization. Every interaction, in Workspace, is seamlessly streamed to your analytics tools or custom system. No setup is required — it's like having an always-on tap of user interaction data, ready for you to analyze and act on.

Integrate in Minutes with Microsoft 365 Low Code Integration

OpenFin Workspace Microsoft 365 Low-Code Integration

Our Microsoft 365 Low Code Integration improves both the developer and end-user experience. Easily integrate OpenFin with Microsoft 365 with less granular work, saving you valuable time. Users can access every aspect of Microsoft 365 directly from OpenFin Workspace. They can look up contacts, Teams groups, quickly initiate calls, chats, and emails, and execute keyword searches for content across all Microsoft 365 apps.

Collaborate, Connect, and Optimize with OpenFin for ServiceNow

OpenFin Workspace ServiceNow Integration

Easily connect OpenFin Workspace to the ServiceNow Now Platform™. Elevate user workflows by seamlessly connecting ServiceNow with various desktop applications. Enable two-way data sharing, boost engagement on the Now Platform™, and integrate Now Platform™ data seamlessly with other desktop apps using OpenFin Workspace.

Elevate End-User’s Workflows With Link in Notifications

Links in OpenFin Workspace Notifications Body Text

Users can streamline workflows by clicking on links or images within a notification, minimizing the back-and-forth between applications. They can find more details, such as emails, reports, or PTO requests, with fewer clicks.

Farewell 2023 and Here’s to Welcoming 2024

2023 brought many enhancements to the OpenFin Workspace Platform to help developers address the needs of their customers and it also brought more empowerment to employees making digital work seamless with our new integrations and Workspace for Tablet.

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