March 21, 2024

ING Integrates OpenFin for Salesforce to Optimize Workflows

We recently launched OpenFin for Salesforce on the AppExchange, so our customers can now benefit from a seamless integration.

ING is one of Europe’s largest companies providing a multinational banking and financial services enterprise. Tiberiu Zulean, Engineering Manager at ING, chatted with our Chief Digital Officer, Vicky Sanders, to discuss how ING is leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce and OpenFin to optimize workflows for their employees and deliver a better experience for customers.

If you weren’t able to catch the webinar live, check out our 4 key takeaways from the session or watch the on-demand webinar.

1. OpenFin Empowers ING's Salesforce Adoption

A key strategic goal for ING is to maximize the benefits of its Salesforce investment, positioning it as the central hub for client information. OpenFin has played an essential role in realizing this objective. Many of their end-users' workflows were previously time-consuming and repetitive. Now, with Salesforce and OpenFin together, these tasks have been streamlined, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced errors.

“The top priority would be getting Salesforce widely adopted and as a centralized database for all client-related information. With the adoption of OpenFin along with Salesforce that's definitely getting easier” - Tiberiu Zulean, Engineering Manager at ING.

2. Getting More Value from their Salesforce Investment

ING was looking to get the most out of their Salesforce investment. Historically, each team had its own ways of working, but ING wanted a consistent approach to using Salesforce. They faced two challenges 1) users weren’t utilising Salesforce during client interactions and 2) they weren't entering information into Salesforce. Together these reduced ING’s return on using Salesforce.

ING connected Salesforce to its OpenFin platform in order to make it easily accessible to its end users. This helped create a standard way of accessing and using Salesforce across teams. With OpenFin, they're using Salesforce more frequently and inputting more data into Salesforce. ING created enhanced workflows by adding Salesforce event-led alerts to the OpenFin Notification Center which trigger workflows via action buttons to launch OpenFin Browser windows pre-populated in context and using multiple apps in the same visual layout.

3. ING's Leverages Notification Center for Seamless Workflows

An unknown phone number capture is a key workflow ING created to improve employee experiences and data quality. Using OpenFin’s Notification Center, an inbound call triggers a desktop alert. For unsaved numbers, the user is prompted with the option to save the contact details using the Salesforce screen, pre-populated with the unknown number, and can input additional data to save the new contact. This workflow is also present with ING’s telephony solution, IPC’s Unigy Soft Client and the directories can be synced after being saved. This speeds up workflows for users and reduces the chances of errors in data entry. With this workflow, ING reduces risk, eliminates errors, and improves efficiency.

4. Enhancing User Experiences with Interoperability

Interoperability lies at the core of the workflows shared by ING throughout the webinar. Using multiple apps alongside Salesforce to complete tasks, users needed to rekey data and toggle between apps. Helping users seamlessly navigate across multiple applications, OpenFin’s out-of-the-box interop API manages client-side messages between different apps. OpenFin for Salesforce, available on the AppExchange, enriches the Salesforce app with out-of-the-box interoperability connected to the OpenFin platform. For developers, these tools can be used to set up their apps to share and receive contextual information by broadcasting and listening to messages. Apps can also send and handle "intents," like requests to open pre-populated with context, to other apps on the same platform. Once enabled with interoperability, apps can participate in productivity-enhancing workflows, all happening locally on the user's device, not on a server. This makes data sharing between apps seamless and the possible user journeys nearly limitless.

The integration of OpenFin into ING’s Salesforce experience has enhanced the team's end-user productivity and positively impacted customer interactions. By extending Salesforce capabilities to the desktop through OpenFin, ING has streamlined workflows, enhanced data quality, and minimized manual tasks for employees.

If you're interested in learning how this integration with Salesforce can benefit your workflows, feel free to contact us at for a live demo.

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