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Notification Center

Centralize Notifications Across the Workspace

Notification Center brings order to the desktop with a unified solution that consolidates all of your notifications, as well as internal and vendor apps, into an elegant and personalized user experience.

OpenFin Workspace Notification Center - Centralizing Notifications

Feature Summary

Unified Center

Bring notifications across apps, tasks, and workspaces into a single notification center.


Enable end-users to control and customize their notifications.


Complete workflow tasks directly from a notification.

Easy Setup

Create new notifications in seconds with a few lines of code.

Everything in One Place

Simplify end-user desktops so that they don’t lose time searching for what they need.

With Notification Center, employees will never waste time scrambling between multiple notification windows. Notification Center gives end-users a prioritized view of exactly what they need, and nothing more.

OpenFin Workspace Notification Center - Everything in One Place

Personalized & Prioritized Experiences

No two end-users are the same, and Notification Center puts the power of personalization in the hands of your end-user.

Give your employees the power to control their notifications by customizing the alerts they receive from each vendor, just as they would on their phone or personal desktop.

OpenFin Workspace Notification Center - Personalized Settings

Actionable & Efficient

Our Notification Center does more than deliver information; it helps your end-users take action immediately, without disrupting the flow of work.

With Notification Center, end-users have the ability to not only view a notification, but also to complete a task or launch an app or workspace without missing a beat, all within the notification.

OpenFin Workspace Notification Center - Actionable Notifications

Quick and Easy to Set Up

Notification Center is simple and intuitive to set up. Get up and running with notifications in just a few lines of code. We do all of the heavy lifting so that your developers can focus on delivering value within your app.

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