A Browser, Built Just for Work

OpenFin Browser gives end-users control over everything that they need to get their jobs done — all of their data, apps, tasks and more; organized the way they want it so they can focus and be more productive.

OpenFin Workspace Browser - Built for Work

Feature Summary

No Distractions

All of your work tools and nothing more.

Made by You

Personalize your workspace in seconds—make it work for you.

No More Data Silos

Browser lets data flow seamlessly across apps to eliminate mundane and repetitive work.

Designed for Collaboration

Collaborate across workspaces, not just apps.

Everything You Need to Focus

Browser is designed to keep you focused and organized by giving you unparalleled control over the apps, data flows and tasks you rely on to get work done.

OpenFin Workspace Browser - Everything You Need

Arrange and Personalize

Quickly create complex, multi-monitor setups or choose from pre-made templates personalized and optimized just for you.

OpenFin Workspace Browser - Arrange and Personalize

Reduce Data Entry

Every tab in Browser is designed to help you access, share and integrate data. Change data in one place, and it updates on all other tabs, so you can let your data flow seamlessly across apps; to reduce repetitive data entry and costly errors.

OpenFin Workspace Browser - Reduce Data Entry

Collaborate Across Desktops

We’re obsessed with reducing barriers to collaboration. Browser makes it incredibly easy for end-users to share workspaces with their team, send notifications, and even create and assign tasks.

OpenFin Workspace Browser - Collaborate Across Desktops

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