February 29, 2024

OpenFin WINS ‘Best Enterprise Environment for Interoperability’ at The TradingTech Insight Awards - Europe 2024


At OpenFin, we know our customers want solutions that enable unified workflows. Interoperability helps employees create efficient workflows that work for them, reducing context switching and boosting productivity. We are excited to announce that OpenFin Workspace has been awarded the Best Enterprise Environment for Interoperability” at the TradingTech Insight Awards - Europe 2024.

A-Team Insight is a knowledge platform for the financial technology industry, it’s a trusted resource for in-depth knowledge across regulation, enterprise data management, ESG, and trading technology in financial markets. Its annual Trading Tech Insights Awards recognize excellence in trading solutions, services, and consultancy for capital markets.

FDC3-ready interoperability

At the heart of OpenFin’s award-winning interoperability platform is FDC3 (Financial Desktop Connectivity and Collaboration Consortium), a common language developed by OpenFin in 2017 in collaboration with other leading financial platforms. This language allows developers to implement a standardized approach, enabling effortless sharing of context, triggering of intents, and ensuring that their apps can seamlessly integrate with others in a plug-and-play fashion.

OpenFin's FDC3-ready interoperability platform reduces integration costs that could otherwise be challenging in a world where work tools and data are constantly multiplying. Financial institutions can choose the best apps needed for each end-user persona with confidence, knowing they’ll function seamlessly without the need for bilateral integrations between every app. OpenFin Workspace’s on-the-glass interoperability approach not only reduces integration costs but also unifies all your best-of-breed apps without the need to rewrite them into a single, cumbersome, monolithic super app. This saves expenses and creates a seamless user experience compared to using these apps individually.

Interop Anywhere Extends FDC3 Interoperability

We’ve recently introduced our "Anywhere" approach, allowing users to access the OpenFin Workspace experience across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and web browsers. This means that applications across devices can talk with each other using FDC3 standard APIs, enabling developers to create applications that run seamlessly across platforms. This simplifies the development process by allowing developers to build once and run their applications anywhere.

Interop Anywhere” enables FDC3 interoperability not just on the same device, but also across devices. That means apps on your desktop can talk to apps on your tablet and apps inside your web browser. Users can start work on the desktop at the office and continue work on the go, without losing context. They can hand a customer a tablet and walk through their portfolio while running the review from your desktop. The new service takes all the power of interoperability (context sharing and intent-based workflows) and extends it beyond the desktop so that apps across all your devices are all connected.

You can read more about the award here. If you have questions or want to learn more, set up a demo with an OpenFin expert.

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