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A New Way to Work

OpenFin Workspace is a unified space for work, powered by an extensive set of tools designed to help your firm increase productivity and deliver exceptional employee experiences.

OpenFin Workspace - Browser, Notification Center, and Dock

Feature Summary


Unify tasks across the workspace.


A browser built for work.

Notification Center

Centralize notifications across the workspace.

Content Store

All of the tools you need — in one place.


Unify Tasks Across the Workspace

OpenFin Home is a single interface that makes it easy for end-users to control and command their entire workspace from one place, centralizing tasks across all of your tools.

OpenFin Workspace Home Contact Search


Purpose-Built for Work

OpenFin Browser is a powerful, configurable tool that makes it easy for end-users to organize, automate and collaborate, so they can focus and get their jobs done.

OpenFin Workspace Browser Multi-Window

Notification Center

Centralize Notifications Across the Workspace

Notification Center brings order to the financial desktop with a unified solution that consolidates all of your notifications, as well as internal and vendor apps, into an elegant and personalized user experience.

OpenFin Workspace Notification Center

Content Store

Discover All the Tools You Need

OpenFin Content Store makes it easy to set up your own firm-specific content store in a matter of minutes. Make it effortless for your end-user to find the tools they need to get the job done.

OpenFin Workspace - Content Store Tool Discovery

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