Implementing FDC3 standards on OpenFin!

The ultimate goal of the FDC3 project is to enable a user experience on the financial desktop on par with what we enjoy on mobile devices.

Tutorial4 min read

Automated Integration Testing Of Your OpenFin App

Integration tests allow developers to automate typical user experiences for the purposes of validating functionality & protecting against regressions.

Tutorial3 min read

OpenFin Application Config – Best Practices

Your OpenFin Application Config (or manifest) file provides settings that you should be using for improved security, support and branding.

Tutorial5 min read

OpenFin 6 Alpha on Electron

We’re excited to announce the Alpha release of OpenFin 6 (Chromium 49)

Tutorial1 min read

Will you still feed me when I'm 64 (bit)?

We have pushed out an initial alpha build of OpenFin Runtime 64-bit for Windows.

Tutorial1 min read

C:OpenFin –launch

Getting started with OpenFin has never been easier: Install the cli tool then give it a web app’s url. No really, it’s that easy.

Tutorial1 min read

2 Node modules, a Grunt plugin and a Gulp recipe for your OpenFin toolset

By launching your target runtime, analyzing code quality, executing tests and reloading on file changes, errors surface as they happen and can be immediately addressed.

Tutorial2 min read