OpenFin and the FDC3 Zeitgeist

At OpenFin, desktop interoperability was part of the very first version of our software that we released back in 2012.

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SC Ventures Invests in OpenFin

OpenFin secured a strategic investment from SC Ventures, the innovation, fintech investment and ventures arm of international banking group, Standard Chartered.

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The Future of Productivity: OpenFin Workspace Offers a New Way Forward

In the modern workplace, the desktop is where users spend the vast majority of their time, yet creating an environment that maximizes productivity and minimizes frustration remains an elusive task.

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Centering Digital Transformation: Introducing OpenFin Notification Center

Digital transformation means different things to different people, but it is often about improving productivity, and certain features are foundational to that.

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Why you can’t afford to miss FinJS @ home

FinJS is all about the finance and developer community and provides an informal space for organizations, which often don’t publicly share their experiences (such as banks)

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Introducing IEX Cloud Gateway, the Financial Data App on OpenFin

Our work with IEX Cloud is a great example of how an application can change the game for finance professionals. IEX Cloud’s Gateway application is a powerful solution

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Revolution and Evolution: Desktop Democracy

Traditionally, bringing applications and content to financial services firms was the domain of large incumbents only.

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OpenFin 17 Introduces New Features and Co-Stability with Chromium and Electron

One of the key features of the last several versions of OpenFin has been co-stability with Electron and Chromium.

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Revolution and Evolution: Building a Modern Financial Desktop

Software developers have a staggering number of tools at their disposal, and industry firms are leveraging these to build robust systems that offer powerful functionality while maintaining a seamless user experience.

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The Best of Both Worlds: Legacy Migration, Decoupling and Digital Transformation

At OpenFin, one thing we’ve learned in our decade of existence is that driving digital transformation in the financial services industry requires a multi-pronged effort.

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