OpenFin + AWS Bedrock

We speak with customers about AI nearly every day even though OpenFin isn’t an LLM or marketed as an AI solution.

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A Technological Leap for Contact Centers


Solving the Customer Service Conundrum: A Technological Leap for Contact Centers

In an era where customer support is non-negotiable and performance is tracked throughout the support lifecycle, the stakes have never been higher for customer facing firms.

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OpenFin’s Platform API: Introducing Multiple Layouts per Window

Our mission at OpenFin is straightforward: to make digital work frictionless and delightfully productive, wherever you are.

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Technology Framework for Operational Resilience


Technology Framework for Operational Resilience: A Strategic Imperative for Asset Managers

In the rapidly evolving landscape of financial services, Operational Resilience has transcended buzzword status to become a cornerstone of organisational strategy, especially for asset managers.

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HeadPhonesOn Welcome to Our Developer Series


Welcome to Our Developer Series: HeadphonesOn

As we step into 2024, we are excited to present the first installment of our new tech-oriented blog series authored by OpenFin’s CTO, Steven Mocarski.

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OpenFin's Adam Toms and LSEG's Dean Berry Discussing Innovation


Fireside Chat with OpenFin's Adam Toms & LSEG's Dean Berry

Dean Berry, Group Head of Workflows at LSEG, joins a discussion with OpenFin’s Adam Toms to discuss LSEG's goal to provide a truly open and frictionless platform.

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pane of glass graphic render

A Single Pane of Everything

The majority of contact centers today know they have a problem with productivity. It’s a challenge that revolves around the core activities being repeated every hour of every day.

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OpenFin Exploring Rust Blog

Exploring Rust: Fast and Safe

At OpenFin, we continuously evaluate the latest technologies to ensure we are using the best tools. Recently, we began exploring Rust, a language that promises the performance of C++ but without sacrificing safety.

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OpenFin FinJS NY 2023 Building an Open Desktop Ecosystem Panel

Building an Open Desktop Ecosystem with Dow Jones, Introhive, IPC and Symphony

Technological innovation in the capital markets has radically transformed the desktop apps and products users rely on, with powerful new capabilities and user-friendly interfaces.

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Future Proofing with OpenFin graphic

Secure Innovation: Future-Proofing Your Technology Strategy with OpenFin

Today’s digital environment is characterized by increased competition, rapid speed to market and dynamic tech upgrades that seem to occur constantly.

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