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From Front to Back: How OpenFin and Adaptive Enable the Future of Capital Markets Technology

Web development has become the standard for building front-end user interfaces. While this pivot to web has made it easier and faster to deploy applications while reducing costs...

Webinar3 min read

Why you can’t afford to miss FinJS @ home

FinJS is all about the finance and developer community and provides an informal space for organizations, which often don’t publicly share their experiences (such as banks)

Webinar4 min read

Introducing OpenFin Layouts

We’re excited to announce native capabilities in OpenFin OS to let you snap-and-dock windows and easily manage your desktop workspace. With OpenFin Layouts, what used to be complex is now incredibly simple.

Webinar2 min read

App Launcher Pattern

With a microservices architecture, applications can focus on one task and be swapped out or iterated on without the jenga-like consequences that come with a monolith.

Webinar3 min read

Convert a Browser App to a Full-Featured Desktop App w/ OpenFin

At our most recent webinar, we highlighted how quickly developers can port an existing web application to the OpenFin runtime.

Webinar1 min read

Adaptive & OpenFin – Reactive Trader Demo [VIDEO]

Last month, Adaptive and OpenFin announced a partnership around Adaptive’s sector-leading consulting services and OpenFin’s HTML5 runtime container.

Webinar5 min read