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Platform API

Build a Desktop Platform with a Unified User Experience

Building a desktop platform is hard work, especially when the teams providing apps and content each have their own design approaches and sensibilities.

With the OpenFin Platform API, we’ve made the job incredibly simple. The central architecture team defines window styling and behaviors; development teams provide the apps and content.


Separation of concerns

A key aspect of Platform architecture is the separation of concerns between a Platform Owner, who defines Platform behaviors, and Content Providers, who provide Views that run inside Platform windows. This simplifies development and places responsibilities where they belong.


Save and restore

Snapshots save your work in a serialized state that lets you easily save the current configuration of all windows and layouts in your platform. Use a Snapshot to restore a saved workspace or to share it with another user. The Platform API also lets you customize this behavior for your own platform.


Powerful API customization

The Platform API is specifically designed for teams that need to manage a combination of new Web, Legacy, or third-party content under a unified-standard desktop experience. API customization allows teams to define custom platform behavior and integrate legacy and third-party content with ease.

Grid Layout

Complex layouts; zero code

The Platform API comes with out-of-the-box layout functionality. Users can drag and drop views within a window to create complex layout arrangements. No code required.


Tabbed views and customization

Views within a window can be tabbed to maximize monitor usage, and tabs can even be dragged and dropped from one window to another. The Platform API also allows customization of the look and feel for tabs across your platform.

Window Frame

Your own Window Frame

You can customize the frame across all windows of your platform to create a common look and feel, and to make platform-wide features easily accessible.

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