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Ecosystem Discovery

OpenFin’s extensive ecosystem makes it easier to unify your desktop experience. Discover a selection of the many great apps available on OpenFin today.

OpenFin's Partners

Dow Jones Interoperable Modules for OpenFin

Dow Jones’ award-winning journalism via searchable, real-time news and curated top stories from The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and more.

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Unigy® Soft Client

A full-function, soft trading platform flexibly deployed, managed and maintained from your centralized infrastructure.

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Blue Triangle

Blue Triangle is the only solution that quantifies the cost of friction employees and customers experience with your digital platform.

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Coherent Spark

Spark is a cloud-based logic engine that instantly converts complex business logic from Excel models into APIs.

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Highly modular and customizable, EdgeFX delivers everything needed to optimize trading strategies, reduce operational risk and automate workflows.

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Everysk is an intelligent automation & analytics platform offering no-code, low-code workflows for capital markets.

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CoNNected Finance Workbench

CoNNected Finance WorkBench is an open desktop terminal, into which practically any internal or market data can be plugged. Come preloaded with data.

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Leap Work

Seamlessly connect with clients on their preferred messengers, control data, and enhance collaboration.

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Tallarium applies machine learning and advanced data science to deliver a single source of truth for trade decision-making in OTC energy markets.

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