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Content Store

Everything You Need

OpenFin's Content Store enables our clients to set up their own firm-specific content store in a matter of minutes, with all of the bells and whistles that end-users expect in today’s environment.

OpenFin Workspace Content Store

Feature Summary

White Label

Create a single, secure store for all your apps and put your stamp on it.


Deliver a personalized version for your end-users based on their roles.


Make it easy for end-users to easily discover all of the tools they need.


Curate workspaces to meet the needs of your end-users.

White Label Your Store

Building and maintaining a content store experience that makes discovery easy is expensive and time-consuming. We take the pain out of the process so you can give end-users what they need today.

OpenFin Workspace Content Store - White Label Your Store

Take It Further and Personalize

Forget a one-size-fits-all approach. Tailor your content store experience, speed up content discovery, and curate persona-based experiences to give end-users exactly what they need, and no more.

OpenFin Workspace - Content Store Tool Discovery

Everything That’s Needed

One centralized place where end-users can discover all of the tools they need to do their jobs. OpenFin’s collections help end-users get up and running in a matter of seconds by helping them discover apps, as well as see how apps fit into curated workflows.

OpenFin Workspace Content Store - Curated Experience

More Than Apps

Our Content Store helps you work smarter, not harder by doing more than just housing apps in a secure location. Create, curate, save and share workflow collections at the individual or role level to get individuals and teams up and running.

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