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Software Vendors

Build for Distribution

We’re doing what Apple did for consumer software 10 years ago, for the enterprise.

Deliver an experience that your customers love. OpenFin provides industry-leading user experience and interactions to help you drive product adoption.

OpenFin Software Venders

The Biggest Ecosystem

Embed into existing workflows

You're in good company. With more than 2,400 buy-side and sell-side firms using apps from the world's biggest vendors in finance on OpenFin. Embed your content in our search directories, our Home digital assistant, Browser, and Notifications to provide your end-user with a seamless experience.

Be Everywhere

Build once. Run Everywhere.

Give your customer all the options they need. Your application can be consumed in three different ways—stand-alone, alongside, and embedded with other windows of relevant content.

Java, .NET... no problem

Adapt your old app

Our adapters make it easy (and less expensive) to integrate, embed or migrate your content to the web. Deliver a next generation experience — faster.

Join the OpenFin ecosystem

OpenFin is now being used by 90% of global financial institutions and deploys more than 3,500 apps across 300,000 desktops.

Get in touch, and learn how your app can join the ecosystem.


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