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Chromium Runtime for Enterprise

OpenFin’s foundation is our desktop runtime; built on Chromium and Electron. Architected for enterprise use, OpenFin Runtime enables web apps to run securely as first-class citizens on the desktop. Its core tenets ー security, interoperability, multi-tenancy, upgradability, and runtime concurrency ー give developers and desktop owners the tools, control, and confidence to Move Fast. Break Nothing.


Protect your Desktop

Native apps and Electron apps have unfettered access to your operating system. They can steal files, download malware and threaten your desktop. Required security reviews can mitigate risk, but are imperfect.

With OpenFin Runtime, apps are completely partitioned from your native OS – and each other – with sandboxing. Access to security-sensitive APIs requires authorization by IT security. Your desktop is protected. Apps don’t need security reviews. Deployment timelines shrink, and app vulnerabilities don’t turn into catastrophes.


Get your apps talking to each other

OpenFin Runtime includes a fast, secure desktop messaging system that supports a number of different interoperability strategies, including pub/sub and topic-based messaging, direct connections between applications, and one-to-many connections.

With OpenFin, web apps and native apps can easily share data and context with one another across process boundaries to deliver powerful automated workflows. Strong app identity ensures that all communication is secure and data is exchanged only when authorized and with trusted apps.


Multi-tenant architecture. Just like Google Chrome.

Multi-tenancy is a core principle of Google Chrome and it is also core to OpenFin’s architecture. Multiple apps can run safely and process-isolated in a single Runtime instance, just as multiple websites can run safely in a single Chrome instance to save memory and improve performance.

Want apps to run in their own Runtime instance for extra isolation? We support that too and give you full control.


Seamlessly upgrade with Runtime Version Manager (RVM)

Web apps are easy to upgrade, but upgrading a browser or container is an entirely different matter ー especially on locked-down desktops. That’s the job of OpenFin’s Runtime Version Manager (RVM). RVM is a powerful orchestration layer that makes upgrading OpenFin Runtime seamless. Just update the runtime version in your app manifest file and RVM takes care of the rest. It literally couldn’t be easier.


Eliminate dependencies between development teams

To appreciate the beauty of OpenFin’s multi-runtime architecture, imagine this scenario. Multiple teams throughout your firm have built apps that run in your container. One team wants to upgrade to get the latest version of Chromium, but the other teams aren’t ready, and some won’t be for months or quarters. Everybody has to wait.

OpenFin solved this problem and completely eliminated the dependency. Every team can upgrade their Runtime version at their own pace, and multiple Runtime versions work concurrently on the same desktop. If that sounds complicated to architect, we assure you it is. But the simplicity of the solution for developers is magical.

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