Get More Value From Your Apps With OpenFin Integrations.

OpenFin makes all your existing tools work better together by letting you unify your best-of-breed and 3rd party apps right into OpenFin.

Integrations Summary

Microsoft 365

Boost team collaboration with our Microsoft 365 integration—Teams, Outlook, Sharepoint, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint—all in one place.


Access CRM data from outside SF and experience bi-directional content sharing between Salesforce and other applications on the desktop without re-keying data.

ServiceNow (COMING SOON)

Supercharge your service center workflows by seamlessly accessing ServiceNow data in OpenFin Workspace or your own apps.


Integrate OpenFin into your Bloomberg-related workflow to capture new updates and financial market movements. Drive Bloomberg views from other desktop applications for any financial instrument.

Microsoft Excel

Manipulate Excel sheets and provide two-way communication between Excel and OpenFin. End-users can create, open and save workbooks and worksheets from Workspace.

The Simple Way to Connect and Collaborate Across Microsoft 365

With just a few lines of code, connect Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneDrive effortlessly. OpenFin Home empowers end-users to search, collaborate, and communicate seamlessly across Microsoft 365.

Salesforce Data at Your Fingertips

End-users can use OpenFin Workspace to look up contacts, leads, accounts or any data across Salesforce reducing context switching and re-keying of data. Extend workflows bi-directionally between Salesforce and other desktop apps with seamless context-sharing.

Unleash the Power of Bloomberg Into Your Workspace

Things happen fast in the market. Connect apps to a Bloomberg worksheet to instantly update your tickers, use Bloomberg Groups to change the focus of your desktop in one click and even integrate Bloomberg commands.

ServiceNow (COMING SOON)

Solve Customer Issues More Quickly

Decrease time to market and reduce development costs with our ServiceNow integration. Instant centralized access to ServiceNow data as well as the ability to streamline communication in and out of ServiceNow for timely actionable service delivery.

Turbocharge Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is critical to virtually all financial workflows. With OpenFin’s Excel integration, you can automate excel based workflows on your desktop with other OpenFin-powered applications.

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