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Turquoise Plato connects to OpenFin to simplify complexity on the buy-side trader desktop

Turquoise on OpenFin™ delivers an insightful data feed directly into trader workflows to support liquidity discovery and decision making processes leveraging OpenFin’s open architecture

“This will not only support best execution efforts but also improve performance for end investors as it helps us reduce the slippage cost at the point of execution. We are delighted Turquoise® and Turquoise Europe™ are the first trading venues to connect to OpenFin and offer this new functionality to the buy-side.”

Dr. Robert Barnes

Group Head of Securities Trading & CEO of Turquoise Global Holdings

Inside Goldman Sachs' Marquee Platform

Goldman Sachs’ big bet on the future of Wall Street had a rocky start. Here’s the inside story of the bank’s struggle to grow its next business and an exclusive look at its plans

“Clients can use Marquee with direct connections via APIs or through a browser or a desktop application in partnership with OpenFin, an operating system that can distribute apps or enable interoperability, much like Android or iOS.”

Adam Korn

Managing Director

Delivering an industry-leading dealer-to-dealer electronic trading platform

Learn how Adaptive helped build and advanced dealer-to-client RFQ trading solution designed to serve as a differentiated solution for the Repo market.

“There are a lot of generic platforms out there. By leveraging OpenFin and our own Hydra Platform, we were able to rapidly build a solution that specifically caters to the complexities of the Repo space.”

Matt Barrett

CEO & Co-Founder

AllianceBernstein looks to OpenFin for new desktop technology infrastructure

US asset manager to overhaul digital infrastructure based on OpenFin operating system incorporating legacy and third-party applications.

“[OpenFin] was a critical component of ensuring that as we were migrating applications to the cloud, we were able to build key components of interoperability, that allowed us to link applications quickly, and also to avoid having to deal with a morass of APIs. ”

Michael Herskovitz

Co-Head of Technology and Operations

Barclays BARX Case Study

Learn how Barclays built the analytics application that can be built once and deployed anywhere, including directly into trading systems to be used internally and by their clients.

“It is an honor to collaborate with partners like OpenFin to accelerate innovation, inspire design of new products, and challenge the norm”

Ying Cao

Director, Digital Strategy, Head of Digital Products

HSBC invests in OpenFin as funding to date reaches $45 million

HSBC joins major investors in operating system provider OpenFin, including as Barclays, CME Group, DRW, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo.

“OpenFin has demonstrated that it is a leader in [Desktop container technology] and HSBC is looking forward to working together on shared application infrastructure for the financial industry. ”

Niall Cameron

Head of Corporate and Institutional Digital

Desktop App Interoperability: On the Front Lines with RBC and OpenFin

For RBC Capital Markets, the catalyst for change came in 2015 when senior executives were traveling and couldn’t connect to Salesbook, the company’s internal order management system (OMS).

“When I tell you that this thing just worked, I mean it just worked. I handed it to my dev team and in two days they had something wrapped in OpenFin for me.”

Kim Prado

Global Head of Client Insight, Banking and Digital Channels technology

FactSet® Launches Workstation on OpenFin

FactSet becomes first major market data provider to adopt the OpenFin and FDC3 interoperability standards, allowing additional openness and flexibility for clients

“Clients are looking for increased technological flexibility across the board, and our work with OpenFin allows us to connect them to an even more robust universe of internal and external data and applications. ”

Gene Fernandez

Chief Technology and Product Officer

OpenFin Raises $17 Million Series C from Wells Fargo and Barclays

The global financial services industry is spending billions in addressing the digital transformation of thousands of legacy desktop applications used for client service centers, front office, operations, risk and compliance.

“OpenFin is leading a key effort in providing the financial industry with a modern and unifying foundation for development and secure distribution of financial applications. ”

Basil Darwish

Managing Director, Strategic Investments

FlexTrade Partners with OpenFin for Desktop Interoperability

Provides Buy-Side Traders with Seamless Interoperability Between FlexTRADER EMS, FlexNOW & OpenFin Third-Party Applications

“OpenFin is the next natural step for this architecture to evolve by providing an interoperability layer connecting FlexTRADER to complementary third-party applications and data, with minimal technology overhead and seamless upgrades.”

Andy Mahoney

Head of Sales

Buy-Side Trading & Automation

Jonathan Clark and David Hagen of Luminex join to discuss how the buy side is responding to an increasingly-automated trading environment.

“Everything OpenFin said seemed like the holy grail to me…and it really lived up to what they were pitching”

Jonathan Clark

Chief Executive Officer

Cloud9 Chooses OpenFin to Empower ‘Virtual Trading Desks’

With a heightened focus on mobility and universal access to the virtual trading floor, Cloud9 and OpenFin are empowering the optionality and flexibility that firms are seeking in their daily workflows.

“By teaming up with OpenFin, we’re allowing individuals to easily work from the trading floor or from any remote location they choose.”

Brian Hunt

Chief Administration Officer and Head of Partnerships

Barclays Revamps BARX Platform Using OpenFin

Executives from Barclays discuss why the bank is transforming its BARX trading platform and what that might mean for the future of trading desktops.

“Once the application is developed on OpenFin, we don’t have to package any newer updated GUIs. We can simply add new features and analytics to our application...and our internal traders get to see it immediately. ”

Daniel Nehren

Head of Statistical Modeling and Development for Equities

OpenDoor by Expero Case Study

“OpenFin allows you to build desktop apps which have the look and richness of natively installed applications. The tear out windows can sit anywhere on the desktop, can be minimized and then automatically pop-up as needed.”

Carson Wong


Luminex Case Study

“I couldn’t be more impressed with OpenFin and what they allow us to do in terms of enabling our clients to take advantage of our innovation. Ensuring a great experience for our clients is at the heart of everything we do.”

Jonathan Clark

Chief Executive Officer

Trumid Scales Up For Growth

Tony Schiavo, chief technology officer of Trumid, said on OpenFin’s MVP podcast that the firm is going through a fairly large transformation.

“OpenFin cleared the path for us to get onto the desktops of the major organizations that we needed to get to. They gave us the ability to accelerate that part of process as we did not have to explain new technology to the banks.”

Tony Schiavo


New BidFX desktop trading app is powered by OpenFin

BidFX has launched a new desktop-installed FX trading app powered by the OPenFin operating system.

“Building on OpenFin enables us to continue to invest in creating a rich multi-window FX trading experience that combines the best attributes of the desktop and web applications.”

Jean-Philippe Malé


Tier1 Financial Solutions Partners with OpenFin to Enhance Modernization of the Financial Desktop

Running on OpenFin's web-based operating system, enables Tier1 to provide a desktop app experience and interoperability with internal and vendor applications. This allows separate and distinct applications to work in harmony and provide cross-functionality to support a continuous exchange of information.

“This collaboration with OpenFin will allow us to leverage interoperability and integrations that were once not possible without a significant investment in technology. ”

Doug Christensen

Vice President of Strategy

IPC Press Item

“Our global community of 110,000+ users and 6,600+ market participants can rapidly exchange information across platforms and devices by leveraging the interoperability and technological flexibility that OpenFin brings.”

Bob Santella

Chief Executive Officer


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