Asset Managers Build with OpenFin

A decade of working with the best names in finance. An unrivaled ecosystem of content, portfolio management, and trading tools from the world's biggest names. A suite of meticulously designed products, integrations, and services. All in one place to supercharge your productivity.

OpenFin Workspace is the number one solution for Asset Managers and Hedge Funds today.

OpenFin Workspace - Buy-Side Built for Productivity


It’s Already Built on OpenFin

With adoption by 90% of global financial institutions, OpenFin’s platform is already everywhere. Portfolio Manager or Trader? It’s more than likely that OpenFin is on your desktop already — you just didn’t know it.

Our ecosystem of more than 3,500 applications is the best in the industry and the only one primed to unify the experience with your internal apps. That means the building blocks for your personal Workspace are already here.

We just need to turn it on.

Timely Data and Insights

Data at Your Fingertips

Seamlessly accelerate insights across your organization. By creating an interoperable ecosystem, all of your data flows across internal and vendor apps to significantly improve your workflows.

Use OpenFin’s Notification Center to create timely, actionable workflows to stay ahead. Deliver notifications from all of your mission critical providers in one place.

OpenFin Workspace - Buy-Side Data at Your Fingertips

Atomic Terminal

Investment Dashboards

Are you ready to supercharge your dashboards?

With OpenFin Browser, you can build a highly interactive investment dashboard and make the most of your internal and external data sources. Create workflows across Bloomberg and FactSet or collaborate through Microsoft Teams, Symphony, or Slack.

OpenFin Workspace - Buy-Side Investment Dashboards

Content Discovery

Powerful System-Wide Search, By Default

Find data, apps, services, and workflows easily through OpenFin Home — our advanced digital assistant  — or curate and discover content in our Content Store.

OpenFin Workspace - Buy-Side System-Wide Search

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