Traders receive in excess of 5,000 broker quotes a day spread across various chat and messenger apps. Tallarium captures this fragmented data and structures it in real time to instantly identify the best trading opportunities. This structured data is complemented by T-Curves, a real-time Fair Value for the OTC energy markets, based on unbiased, aggregated market-prices and advanced data science.

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Tallarium allows you to quickly compare your trading opportunities against the wider market to increase profitability. Users instantly know when to price take, price make, hedge or negotiate confidently.

Save Time

Tallarium saves times and effort across the team spent tracking and sharing market, by improving internal curves and saving the effort and infrastructure required to share data and curves across your organization.


Manage intra-day risk efficiently and accurately, and build confidence with a live PnL Tallariums provides an objective reference, which unlocks real-time risk insights and ensures you can quickly and effectively respond to market moves.