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Adaptive partners with capital and commodity market participants that value differentiation through technology. Our experienced teams design and deliver complex solutions, using our proven accelerators, creating long-term competitive advantage for you.

Reactive Trader by Adaptive

Reactive Trader is our real-time, fully open-source showcase FX trading platform. It leverages our expertise in real-time electronic trading, while using many of the tools and techniques we use to deliver bespoke solutions for our clients.

  • A state-of-the-art technology stack, showcasing reactive programming principles and a rich, modern user experience
  • Full support for the new OpenFin Platform API, including grouped, tabbed and windowed layouts, saving and applying custom snapshots, tear-outs and window customization.
  • Features cross-application workflows implemented across the Reactive Ecosystem, using the FDC3 standard

You can also check out the code - and even contribute yourself - at our Github repository

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