Software Solutions for Finance + Intelligent Analytics

Expero is a trusted partner for dynamic software solutions and AI-driven analytics across multiple industries. For capital markets firms, we deliver both greenfield and modernized solutions with deep design, diverse technology, and relentless practicality. Specialties include: front- and middle-office, product innovation, analytics infrastructure, trading systems, novel ML and connected data analytics, and legacy ecosystem modernization.

OpenDoor’s Treasury Trading Platform Recognized for Innovation

OpenDoor provides anonymous US Treasury trading using a novel dark pool format to over 70 buy-side firms. OpenDoor partnered with Expero to design, develop and deploy something novel -- reflecting the unique new auction protocol being brought to market -- and familiar -- for the legions of experienced traders in the world’s most liquid markets. Expero delivered an experience that was technologically sophisticated and easy to use.

Modernizing a 20 Year Old Platform to Win New Customers

A client specializing in trustee, data, and analysis services for credit instruments faced two problems. Their legacy platform was slow and hard to upgrade, costing them customers and sales. At the same time, they had to integrate with a newly acquired front-office firm platform. Expero powered a design and development process to combine and modernize multiple systems.

  • Built customer council to test market fit for front-office-first approach
  • Prototyped with live data to prove features and performance
  • Replaced scattered legacy apps with streamlined web application

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